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Kutu Faiz

Kutu Faiz


Kutu Faiz

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Kecil Kecil Punya Karya (KKPK) is talent development of children, especially in the writing. There are many interesting stories book that have been published in KKPK series. Now KKPK stories can you enjoy in the form of interactive mobile applications, interesting, and a lot of games that you can play.

Now you can read the KKPK story in mobile applications, more interesting, more interactive and there are games in apps.


Faiz really like Mickey Mouse. However, but he don’t like shampoo because some time ago, his eyes conceded foam shampoo when bathing, so his eyes is poignant.

One day, Abi, Ummi, Sister Sarah and Faiz go to the zoo. At the zoo, Faiz incessantly scratches his head. Sister Sarah became suspicious. What's in the Faiz head? Why does he always scratching his head? Follow the full story in these applications.


  • Attractive illustrations and animations to be played.
  • There is interesting games.
  • Intended for parents and kids who love to read.